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The gown is gathered at the shoulder seams and at the armhole seams on the sleeves, to create the effect of pleating.

It is fitted to the hips, and held in place by a girdle and a decorative belt.

The neckline of the gown is somewhat plunging, to reveal the shirte underneath.

Norris suggests that the bliaut was made out of soft silk, silk crepe and other silk variations.

The sources I have found were by no means easy to obtain.

Living in Australia, I spent alot of time in the Barr Smith, Performing Arts and Resource Libraries.

The statues of the left and right jambs, of the west portal, right doorway and the west portal, center doorway, as well as the west portal, left door, right and left jambs are extremely well preserved images of both men and women wearing the bliaut. bliaut) A loose upper garment or surcoat worn by both sexes of all classes in the 12th century and familiarised to us by the modern blouse which has so nearly preserved the name....Be sure to remember the email address and password you select to manage your account so you'll be able to easily log in to our online services and products.From the staff of The Philadelphia Inquirer and, premium section magazines ranging from the best eats in the Philly suburbs to the sights, sounds, and tastes of summertime 'down the shore.' Shop Magazines Framed reprints, back issues, mugs, and other collectibles showcasing showcasing local coverage of historic events in Philadelphia sports from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.It was not popular long, but was worn well into the 13th century, after its fashionable period, 1140-1160 had ended.The most compelling evidence of the bliaut, also called bliaut are the statues of Christ and his followers, the Queen of Sheba and the Saints at Chatres Cathedral.

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