Dating old spice bottles

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Dating old spice bottles

Drawing upon its more than 40 years of experience in glass-to-plastic conversion, Berry Plastics was able to recommend a lower-cost extrusion blow-molding process for the prototyping stage.

Thick is in From fall 2005 to spring 2006, Berry Plastics worked with Cadle on design and material selections.

“It was maintaining the shape and look of the glass bottle that saved [the filler from having to do a complete line] conversion,” Cadle explains.

“For the most part, KIK's filling line remains much the same as it did when the equipment was first used to bottle Old Spice.

The Old Spice bottling line is still using machines and parts from the original line established in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

For example, we use a old-rotary head filler and Old Spice is one, if not the only brand, that uses a reamer instead of a crimper to put on the bottle closure.” Taking advantage of the new shatter-resistant properties of the PET bottle, KIK did add an Omni-line M400 SSD plastic bottle unscrambling system from Pace Packaging Corp. The stainless-steel unscrambler processes up to 200 bottles/min.

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'Growing' bottles To help the company carry the Old Spice brand to a lightweight and more totable package, P&G called upon Captive Plastics ( which was acquired by Berry Plastics Corp.

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