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Malaysia is offering generous incentives, including corporate and personal income tax perks, 100 per cent foreign ownership of businesses and unrestricted hiring of foreign “knowledge” workers.

IRDA’s Ismail said investor concerns over crime in Malaysia were being addressed by a strong police presence, more guards, surveillance cameras and creative urban planning.

We’re just looking forward to Medini picking up,” he said.Gleneagles is a popular private hospital in Singapore that caters to wealthy locals, expatriates and “medical tourists” who combine treatment with leisure.Asian movie production will get a boost with a Pinewood International Studio, supported by an attached “media village.”Houses, luxury apartments and waterfront enclaves are being built to meet the needs of those relocating to the area.Other schools in the “educity” complex include the Netherlands’ Maritime Institute of Technology, England’s University of Southampton and Singapore’s Management Development Institute. Legoland Malaysia — Asia’s first Lego theme park — is slated to open in the Medini sector in late 2012, next to a Legoland Hotel and a lifestyle retail mall.A 300-bed and 150-suite Gleneagles Medini Hospital costing US6 million (RM468 million) is also in the works.

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He revealed that the project is likely to be a township “promoting healthy living” and covering more than 200 hectares.