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More Information ILRS Site and System Information Form International Laser Ranging Service 0. General System Information 3.01 System Name : Simeiz 4-Character Code : SIML CDP System Number : 49 CDP Occupation Number : 01 Eccentricity to SRP (if Not Identical With SRP) North [m]: (m - m) East [m]: (m - m) Up [m]: (m - m) Date Measured : (yyyy-mm-dd) Date Installed : 1976-05-01 Date Removed : (yyyy-mm-dd) Additional Information : (multiple lines) Back to top 4.

Responsible Agency (if different from 15.) Section: 17. Site Location Information City or Town : Simeiz State or Province : Crimea Country : Ukraine Tectonic Plate : Eurasian Approximate Position X coordinate [m]: 3783902.507 Y coordinate [m]: 2551404.979 Z coordinate [m]: 4441257.696 Latitude [deg]: 44.4128 N Longitude [deg]: 33.9931 E Elevation [m]: 361.20 Additional Information : ITRF 96, 1997.0 Back to top 3.

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'åÿÿÿuÿÿÿœÿÿÿäÿÿÿ¹ÿÿÿEÿÿÿ&ÿÿÿÝÿÿÿîÿÿÿÿÿÿdäÿÿÿ^ÿÿÿ48åÿÿÿ} ý Ôä _?? We performed an updated meta-analysis to evaluate the efficacy and safety of bivalirudin compared with unfractionated heparin in patients undergoing percutaneous interventions for acute coronary syndromes.Literature archives and main scientific sessions were scanned. Identification of the Ranging System Reference Point (SRP) Site Name : SIML IERS DOMES Number : 12337S003 CDP Pad ID : 1873 Subnetwork : EUROLAS Description : AZ EL INTERSECT Monument Description : N. Laser System Information 5.01 Laser Type : ND: YAG Number of Amplifiers : 1 Primary Wavelength [nm]: 1064 Primary Maximum Energy [m J]: 205 Secondary Wavelength [nm]: 532 Secondary Max. Form Prepared by (Full Name) : Alexandr Volvach Preparer E-mail : [email protected] Prepared : 2016-03-22 Report Type : UPDATE Format Version : 1.0 Back to top 1. Telescope Information 4.01 Receiving Telescope Type : CASSEGRAIN COUDE Aperture [m]: 1.0 Mount : AZ-EL Xmitting Telescope Type : CASSEGRAIN COUDE Aperture [m]: 1.0 Tracking Camera Type : Image Amplifier CCD/TV Model : EP-16, SK-2005 Manufacturer : USSR, Japan Field of View [deg]: 0.3 Minimum Magnitude [mag]: 12.0 Transmit/Receive Path : COMMON Transmit/Receive Switch : Rotating mirrors Max Slew Rate Az [deg/s]: 3.0 Max Slew Rate El [deg/s]: 3.0 Max Used Tracking Rate Az : 3.0 Max Used Tracking Rate El : 3.0 Telescope Shelter : ROLL-BACK ROOF Daylight Filter Type : none Dayl. Bandwidth [nm]: none Adjustable Attenuation : RECEIVE Transmit Efficiency : ~0.70 Receive Efficiency : ~0.30 Date Installed : 1988-05-01 Date Removed : (yyyy-mm-dd) Additional Information : (multiple lines) Back to top 5.

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Local Ties, Eccentricities, and Collocation Information Section: 14.