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Dating is warfare

Finally, in June 1980, the two nations severed relations.

Between June and September 1980, 193 clashes occurred along the Iran-Iraq border.

Sporadic fighting finally culminated in Iraq's invasion of Iran on September 22, 1980.

Given the perceived importance of the outcome, third parties aligned with one or the other in hopes of influencing the fighting.

Iran's principal ally was Syria, which used its military to periodically divert Iraqi forces from the Iranian front.

A more important issue than geography was religion.

The war was one of the most strategically important conflicts of modern times because it involved two major oil producers and the region where more than half the world's reserves are located. Muslim - Rivals for Power - Allies Choose Sides - Rooting for a Draw - Tanker Wars - United States' Nonposition - Body Count Grows - Arms for Hostages - Kuwait as Middleman - "Final" Battle - A Draw The Arabs and Persians (natives of Persia, mostly descendants from places other than Arabia) have been historical rivals dating back centuries.

Iran and Iraq, while under British and Turkish rule, also had a number of border disputes.

In 1975, a new agreement was reached whereby the midpoint of the Shatt was determined to be the boundary between the countries.

By the end of the 1970's, both nations had reduced their dependence on the Shatt.

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Iraq had built new pipelines through Turkey and Syria, and it developed a new port and offshore oil- loading terminals in the Persian Gulf.