Dating in uniform

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This includes nurses, firemen and police officers, air stewardesses, pilots and the military; all of whom have lifestyles that require special understanding (split and night shifts, working in dangerous environments etc).

In reality there are many people signed up to this service who are not members of these professions, and the site does say that it is also for people who are interested in getting together with members of these professions.

If you’ve not considered taking your search for love online before, it can feel like a big step.

In our community we have a great deal of singles who never previously tried dating websites, and if this sounds like you, it’s normal to feel a sense of apprehension.

Uniform Dating is a brand from the dating company Cupid thats portfolio includes such other names as and

Uniform Dating was formed in 2004 and while Cupid claims that it was set up initially in recognition of the number of relationships formed between the uniformed services, it is also likely that Cupid had the press and marketing potential of this service in mind from the get go.

It takes only a minute to register and then you can start searching through the thousands of uniformed members who are looking for people just like you, whether you simply want to date a someone in uniform or are looking for a meaningful relationship.

Join Uniform Singles Dating today and you can start searching and contacting members for free.It certainly has received more attention in the press than its other brands in recent years and is especially effective for marketing to women.The site does look nice, with legoland style graphics to illustrate the firemen and the other uniformed hotties.Matching seems to be based principally on location.Although search by uniformed profession is also possible.

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