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We believe in long-term love and we believe in helping our members find it.That's why we are committed to creating meaningful connections based on our members' relationship hopes and locations.The United Conservative Party doesn’t want to get burned by Tinder.The party is moving into intimate new territory as it vets prospective candidates, with the party’s questionnaire asking those interested in running to list all dating apps or websites they use and provide their online handles or IDs for the services.

Indeed, the difficulty of meeting men and women offline is the reason why so many Albertans, from single executives to single farmers, are heading online to make new connections.

Just enough time to enjoy each other but not inundate each other with those little idiosyncrasies that would make us want to suffocate each other while sleeping!

I'm not looking for a partner to live with; just occasional sleepovers, weekends, getaways, coffee dates, evenings out.

The federal Conservatives, Liberals and NDP do not ask potential nominees about dating sites.

Roari Richardson, provincial secretary for the Alberta NDP, said the party doesn’t seek dating site information from candidates.“That never occurred to me, to be honest,” said Richardson, who declined to offer an opinion on the UCP’s question.“I don’t know what I think of that.”Richardson said the NDP, beyond asking potential candidates about their specific social media habits, does ask a general question of hopefuls about whether they have engaged in online behaviour “that could be embarrassing to them or the NDP.” One former UCP MLA believes that the question over dating apps and websites is overly obtrusive into an individual’s private life and could have significant consequences.

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