Dating hiv positive men

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Also, to allow the sharing of experiences to help us all feel more confident and relaxed about dating.

The idea of the Meet Up is to host events where you can make new friends, initiate connections and hopefully get a date!

Feel free to send messages to other members but this is meant to arrange dates rather than for a hook-up.

Please be polite and respectful in your communication.

Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to contract HIV from a sexual partner you meet on a night out than a partner who knows he's HIV positive and is on treatment.

I debated for over a month if being with this man was a risk I was willing to take.

We aim to provide a relaxed space where you can talk easily with other guys, get to know them and arrange to meet with someone you like.In fact, I was probably making him feel a lot worse. I’ve realized I easily could have thrown away one of the best things in my life because of a socially-constructed, outdated stigma.I’m writing this article anonymously to hide his identity, not my own. It adds something to our relationship I can’t describe.With proper education, everyone could see HIV for what it really is: a sh*tty, yet manageable, condition that doesn’t define a person or his future.We have created Positive Dating to provide a safe space for gay men living with HIV to explore and initiate dating with other positive men.

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