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“There’ll always be occasions where I’d feel like I’d want to but it is nice to feel you don’t have to.A girl should be able to grow her own body hair and decide if she likes it.” Tamara agrees, saying: "I want to be able to choose for myself.Sophie Paterson, 25, a web manager in Cardiff, has signed up and ditched the razor for August.

It’s nice for me to wear pretty dresses and strapless tops and do it.” Tamara echoes her view: “Hairy armpits on girls are seen as a big deal, but doing this makes it a little bit more normal, which really is a good thing.Their goal – apart from reaching their fundraising targets – is to be able to confidently choose whether to shave their armpits into the silkiness of a Dove advert, or to let them grow into a natural fuzz.They want to encourage women to make up their own minds about armpit hair without the heavily weighted influence of society, media and advertising.But, will this one-month experiment be enough to persuade them to ditch their razors for good?“It’s a natural habit for me to shave them,” admits Sophie.

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