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Those photos got into the hands of Thornton’s family in 2013, and Thornton’s sister recognized her sitting on a motorcycle in one photo.

When authorities confronted Alcala about the photo, he admitted to being the photographer, but refused to admit to her murder.

Alcala is believed to possibly have killed as many as 130 people across the country, but authorities are still trying to get the evidence to connect him.

In Alcala’s possessions when he was arrested was a large collection of photographs he’d taken of young women and men — some of whom were his victims, while most remained unidentified.

During the decades he was jailed, DNA evidence processing had advanced to the point where law enforcement was able to use what they still had to build an even better case against him.He then began a five-year murder spree almost immediately, and was able to slay an absolutely unknown number before he was finally stopped in 1979.Thanks to a series of trials, convictions, appeals, and retrials, Alcala has basically spent the years since 1979 behind bars.It’s always been suspected that in those unidentified models were some additional victims, cold cases waiting to be solved.This week, those photos helped authorities add another name to his list: Christine Ruth Thornton of of San Antonio.

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Some believe that Alcala may have killed over 100 women and girls.