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Dating funda powered by phpbb

In some ways it is like presenting your data at a big conference, without the actual travel.Potentially, a huge beneficiary could be science in economically poorer countries (or even scientists with sparse budgets in developed countries), where researchers do not have the resource or funding necessary to attend many high quality conferences.Some scientists may even view such activities as time-wasting diversions from real work.Another criticism, mainly for Still, one can hope that with time, scientists will come to embrace the use of online resources for rapid sharing and discussion of their research.

) Therefore, unlike publishing in traditional journals, a process that takes a few months to complete, or presenting at a conference, only a few which are held and typically with a restricted audience, these portals will allow rapid dissemination of information to a geographically unrestricted group of scholars.Additionally, there is the matter of publishing scientific findings in technical journals and convincing peers about the importance their work while applying for grants.In a broader scope, scientists also need to spread knowledge to the general lay audience (especially in the current atmosphere of countries like the Traditionally, the World Wide Web has been employed by scientists as a tool to read/respond to e-mails, search and read journal articles (the old practice of going to the library to access paper copies of journals is all but obsolete), and search information on products, procedures etc (not to mention keeping bench scientists occupied while they wait for reactions to incubate or gels to complete their run).But given the ease of setting up and maintaining a blog and its potential reach, scientists now have an unprecedented access to audiences to talk about technical aspects as well as science policy, future etc.A good example is the wide assortment of blogs hosted under the banner of Scienceblogs, with a majority written by active science researchers.

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In the world of physics and mathematical research, the maintained pre-publication portal, Ar Xiv, has achieved this goal with great success.

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