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Dating for downs syndrome

The odds of having identical triplets can range from 1 in 60,000 to one in two million, according to the hospital More from Inside Edition: F0iu C Three years after posing for a photo that touched hearts across the world, these three little cancer survivors from Oklahoma want the world to know just how far they've come.

This year, the trio met up for another photo shoot and to share the news they're cancer free!

Instead of planning Christmas, this family is planning a funeral.

Da Mao attempts multiple approaches to take down the snow sculpture but fails, resulting in numerous laughable falls, mbles and spills.

The babies posed for the camera in front of a fire truck wearing matching pajamas, laying on their fathers' uniforms and, of course, with a hose.

Carleigh Brooke Corbitt entered the world earlier this month weighing an astonishing 13 pounds and five ounces, leaving everyone in the delivery room shocked, including the doctor.

Julie Mc Connel thought adoption was the best option when she and her husband, Dan, found out their fraternal twins had Down syndrome.

The couple found a family to adopt their unborn boys while Julie was pregnant, but decided to learn what it would take to raise a child with special needs in the meantime.

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After talking to other parents, Julie and Dan decided to keep the boys and when they finally met Milo and Charlie, knew they made the right decision.