Dating costume jewelry

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Dating costume jewelry

There is some diverging opinions on when this mark was used. I love a good mystery so I will keep trying to find out what I can and post it here.It is thought that this costume jewelry was made during the 1960s and the 1970s.Some Boucher hallmarks include: MB, Marcel Boucher, Marboux, Boucher, Parisina [used for sterling made in Mexico] and Earrite. Usually this mark was accompanied by the Phrygian Cap.This mark is taken from the helmet worn by the French during the Revolution. Founder (s): 1960s - 1970s -Very little is known about this company.Back to top Founder (s): Benny [B] Steinberg, Hy Slovitt [S] and Kaslo [K] - New York City-1948 to the early 1980s-BSK manufactured mid-quality costume jewelry that was sold in department stores. Average quality jewelry with enameling and rhinestones. Produced a line of enamel and rhinestone jewelry called "My Fair Lady".Back to top Some of her designs were stamped with the name of the piece.

Eventually the company became a subsidiary of Dovorn Industry a watch maker.

Back to top Marcel Boucher got his training from the best!

He trained with Cartier while living in his birthplace of France. She continued to run the company after his death in 1965.

Rice- Weiner made and stocked costume jewelry for Mc Clelland Barclay and others including Korda. Techniques/Signature Looks: Sculptural Art Deco jewelry, sterling silver. Her father owned a jewelry store and although she wanted to become a sculptor, she opened her first jewelry shop in 1981. Their jewelry is made from the best crystals and natural gemstones.

One of the former owners after leaving Rice- Weiner started Barclay. He studied at several art schools and went on to have his work featured in several magazines. The also work in gold and in 2003 they introduced a diamond collection. I have read that the name Beau Jewels was used by Bowman Foster.

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