Dating antique stained glass

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Paintings, sculptures, gems, cars, items made perfectly by a single craftsman — if you have the collector’s gene, these are the kinds of things you must own.

Their five-story museum features 1,100 timepieces from around the world, some dating back to the 1600s. (WLS) -- Tucked away on a quiet Evanston street, the Halim Time & Glass Museum surrounds visitors with beauty. Close enough to touch, these windows from the turn of the 20th Century evoke spirituality and peace.

I also get my fix at salvage yards that are filled with far simpler—and wholly secular—versions with floral and geometric motifs that typically sell for between 0 and ,500.

Unlike their Christian-themed predecessors, which often told biblical stories through pictures, the architectural stained-glass windows in Queen Anne, Craftsman, and Tudor-style houses were used for their beauty and function.

You see, my mom is a collector of all things old and beautiful, much of it—giant Buddhas, silk prayer rugs, bronze communion rails—religious in nature.

To display the windows, she had a carpenter mount them in wooden shadow boxes with lights inside so they would glow from behind.

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The great thing about windows is how versatile they are.

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