Dating antique furniture feet

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Dating antique furniture feet

Those phrases tell you it's later than the mid-18th century. They're just different and must be judged on their own merits.During the very long reign of England’s three Kings, Georges, I, II, and III, from 1714 to 1800, there developed a style of furniture known as Georgian.There was widespread use of painting, light carving and marquetry, inlay and veneer by the late Georgian period.Mahogany was still the principal wood of choice for the cabinet makers, but satinwood was beginning to become popular.

Mahogany was still the preferred wood of choice, though satinwood and marquetry inlay was often used.The very early pieces may have used mortice-and-tenon joints which were held by pegs or dowels instead of using screws or glue, and the most common foot was the bracket foot.From the earliest Georgian times the most common method of construction was hand cut dovetail joints which were glued together.Mahogany was mainly imported from Cuba and Honduras.This new close grained wood which is much harder and less prone to woodworm, became very popular with cabinet makers and was in high demand, as it was more suitable for the grander pieces also in high demand for the newer and taller buildings.

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But that doesn't mean this piece of furniture was made in the 18th century.

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