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“Holding hands, cuddling, kissing, the issues of sexual arousal, they are all part of a mechanism that is designed to lead to intercourse and orgasm.“It’s that premature beginning of the arousal, treating another person as if they’re your sexual partner – even if it doesn’t lead to full-on intercourse – when you have no idea yet whether you’re prepared to stick around and honour the impact that you’re having on their life.” As a youth pastor and teacher Dr Meyer said he watched many young people break each other’s hearts. “They would hold hands and kiss and cuddle and treat each other like they’re really special for three weeks, and then the next thing you know, one drops the other. “I watched kids leave school over it, over the humiliation. And I think people are worth more than that.” By repeating the process of pairing up and breaking up, we form patterns that can follow us through life, says Dr Meyer.She would’ve liked to have been a virgin, but the guy kept putting the pressure on her, so eventually she gave him access to her body.“She thought, “we’re going to be married soon and it’ll all be ok”.“We have neuronal pathways in our brain which are formed by life experiences,” he said.“And if you keep on forming life experiences where you begin romantic attachments and then they lead to heartache and separation, you build neuronal pathways into your brain that lead you to not being capable of making bonded, long-term commitments with people.” He believes a lot of people form romantic attachments quickly out of a fear that they might “miss out”.Dr Meyer suggests brother-sister style friendships are the healthy way to get to know someone, until you know you are committed.He taught his own children, who are now adults, to find their life partners in this way.

“Single people need to live with this sense that “there’s someone coming”.

However, he dropped her, went off and married somebody else.

“I talked to her about forgiveness and she was very grateful for that, but she kept coming back and saying this to me: “I don’t seem to be able to let go”.

He references the Bible, where Paul teaches the young pastor Timothy to “treat the younger women like sisters”, and says he gave his own children the same advice.

“It really is a matter of just treating people with profound dignity and spending time with them more like brothers and sisters than prospective bed-partners,” he said.

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“There’s some things you don’t do with your sister or brother.

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