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Dating an epiphone les paul guitar

However, Gibson rarely admits that, and according to a 1998 piece of Epiphone literature called “Ask Dr.Epiphone,” one question asks, “What are the differences between an Epiphone Les Paul and a Gibson Les Paul?By the late ’80s, Les Pauls, Flying Vs, SGs, and other Gibson models were being produced with an Epiphone logo.Gibson has found a winning combination by using Epiphone not only for budget versions of Gibson models, but also for producing reissues of popular Epiphone models from the ’50s and ’60s.Epiphone was another successful guitar manufacturer during the first half of the 20th century.

Is Gibson always considered a treasure and is an imported Epiphone always considered trash? Gibson has been building guitars since 1894 and the name is generally synonymous with a quality, valuable, and great-playing guitar.

However, an Epiphone Les Paul is different from a Gibson Les Paul in the following main areas: In general our [Epiphone] instruments are about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of Gibson guitars.

Therefore, we have to make some adjustments to the specifications in order to be able to offer our customers this kind of value.” Dr.

Today, it’s no secret that almost every major guitar manufacturer is building in or at least offering guitars for sale that are built in Asia.

With the average price-point of an electric guitar dropping to 7 in 2010, it is simply a way for guitar manufacturers to remain competitive in the 21st-century business landscape.

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Gibson President Ted Mc Carty, who had previously expressed interest in buying a portion of Epiphone, ended up purchasing the entire company in 1957.