Dating actress bad

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Dating actress bad

‘Epic’ (2013) finally highlighted where Beyonce was going wrong with her film career.As long as she was not seen on screen, her voiceovers were good enough.From Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, to Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence – there has never been any shortage of ‘beauty with brains’ in the tinsel town of Hollywood.Kate Winslet’s turn as ‘Rose’ in ‘Titanic’ was the starting point of a hugely successful career.Not taking a hint from the criticism directed at her performance, Beyonce went ahead to do forgettable flicks like ‘The Pink Panther’ (at least it has some fans!), ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Obsessed’ (the last one being an absolute howler).Akerman currently plays the main role in a sitcom called ‘Trophy Wife’ – a title which, ironically, fits her perfectly.Another case of a moderately successful pop star misled into thinking that she could become an actress too.

Her ‘Bella’-act in the otherwise-successful ‘Twilight’ franchise has got to be one of the most consistently expressionless feats in the history of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, she failed to excel in her comfort zone as well, with ‘Sex & The City 2’ turning out to be an assault on viewers’ senses.

Flash that smile of yours at media events Sarah, you simply do not have the range and versatility to make it big in Hollywood.

Even unconventionally beautiful actresses (think: Halle Berry) have managed to wow audiences with their performances.

However, not all Hollywood hotties have managed to bring the two attributes together.

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Ah, an actress who thought that copy-pasting her ‘Sex & The City’ act would be equally appreciated in every film.

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