Dating a weaver scope

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Dating a weaver scope

Suddenly gun racks up and down Main Street America were filling with scoped hunting rifles.

By 1934 Weaver was selling his Model 329 scope with a choice of mounts for .75. The Beginning of Weaver Weaver didn’t start out in the scope business.

A really complete organized history of the Weaver line still eludes us.

About the best you can do for now is to try and piece together information as you find it.

Elmer Keith was quoted as saying, “To Rudolf Noske goes the credit for making the first good American hunting glass.” But, even with all this progress, scopes still were not the predominant rifle sighting system for mainstream hunters. It took a visionary to make the riflescope mainstream.

Henry Ford may have parked a car in every driveway, but it was William R. He did this by following the simple template for success in American business.

The Multi-Stop system is designed to provide shooters quick reference turret stops to ensure accuracy and eliminate hold-over.

Color-coded bands on the turret can be adjusted to perfectly match any load.

Neither included a mount, which added significantly to the price.

He gave people a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Before Weaver introduced his Model 3-30 scope in 1930, the options were limited.

In that same year, Weaver also offered the Model 333 scope for .22 rimfire and .22 Hornet rifles for .75. In fact, he started in his small Lawrenceburg, Ind., shop filling a contract his father had with the state of Indiana for 800,000 license plates.

Weaver designed and built the tooling necessary to complete this order.

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