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Dating a gibson acoustic guitar

Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded in the late 1800s by Orville Gibson and has blossomed into one of the world's leading guitar manufacturers.

Gibson made the first electric guitar in 1935 and has pioneered famous guitars such as the Les Paul, the Flying V, the Explorer, the Firebird, and SG. Finding the value in a Gibson acoustic guitar can be done in a number of common sense ways.

In order to keep your instrument in proper playing condition and prevent cracking or other structural problems, it is very important that you maintain a similar level of humidity where you store your instrument.

In many climates, it can be difficult to achieve an adequate humidity level without help from a soundhole humidifier.

While Gibson's serial numbering system can be confusing and, in some cases, impossible, it still is one of the best ways to tell where and when your instrument was made.

We do not believe that silicone will cause any direct damage to our finish.

The lead time for new orders can vary depending on the wood combination, features, and existing backlog of orders.

Most standard models can be delivered within 4-5 months.

If you are considering placing a custom order, your dealer will be able to provide you with a price quote and time frame for delivery.

Any high grade, commercially available polish should be fine.

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