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Cute dating suprises

Prepare a meal with her favourite dishes or the ones which you cook the best.Even if you are no expert in the kitchen then a little help from a family member or a friend can help you pull off this surprise.In fact knowing that you don’t happen to possess any culinary skills yet you made the effort will make her feel all the more special!And remember it’s not just about the food but the way you present it. They love to hear your voice in morning that can set her mood right for the whole day.Okay I might have started sounding like an insane person and may be this idea is a bit over the top but man!

Get a bunch of flowers and show up outside her apartment or outside her office just before she is about to come out.Talk to all her friends and siblings, order her favorite food, and decorate the area, her or your house or a friend’s house.Call her and ask her to be at the place as there is something important that requires her. You can stick a lot of balloons on the back side of the main door so when she opens it and the balloons hit the wall behind they pop! Seeing that you have brought all the people who matter to her together she will love you so much more.When you finally reach there open her blindfold and she will be really surprised.You might want to recreate your first date, do everything you did that day and relive those precious memories.

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Leave these at places in her apartment or in her office where she goes the most.