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Csr dating com

Without a climate adjustment, CSR2 values will have an upward bias in counties located in Northwest Iowa.

According to an Iowa Department of Revenue presentation at Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC), implementation of the official NRCS Soil Survey with CSR2 is required for all Iowa county assessors in 2017.

It's important that farmland owners are aware of both their farm's CSR and CSR2 ratings so that they can recognize the difference.

Appraisers, real estate agents, and farmland investors use it to evaluate land values and analyze comparable sales.Farm managers and farmers use it for conservation planning, lease values and crop production.CSR2 is an index similar to the CSR concept but uses a clearly defined and easily calculated formula to determine a soil's productivity.Each county may work with the soil ratings differently until 2017 so please check with your local assessor regarding any updates or changes to their property tax assessments using CSR.Modern life styles affect how we live, play and interact with each other.

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