Cost of radio carbon dating

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Cost of radio carbon dating

; The Bananapocalypse — Signoff: The most American "Jingle Bells"Intro — Demographic conservatism — National Question nullity wins Alabama — The singer-song gap — Pervnado gets Soviet — Nephew of a lottery winner — Black privilege all over — Miscellany: The Moon's a balloon; A planet far away; Intro — Acuckalypse Not Now: DACA deal postponed — Two cheers for Jerusalem — Importing an overclass (1): Jews then, Asians now — Importing an overclass (2): The case against merit-based immigration — Theresa May is a fool and a coward — Old Left, New Left — Africa coming to Europe — Miscellany: Another royal marriage; RIP Christine Keeler; RIP Michael of Romania — Signoff: Another Derbyshire Intro — The Steinle verdict — Our politicized courts — The whip hand — Harvard, justice, and reality — The voice of the Hutu — Miscellany: The Australia deal; China's number two priority; Perv-nay-do, Perv-nah-do; Celebrating Swift; Larkin's gem — Signoff: RIP Dmitri Hvorostovsky Intro — Two weeks to the Big Cuck?

— Miscellany: Senegal story; So ronery; Hawaii dive-o …

————————— Listed below are links to all sound files and transcripts I have been able to recover.

For dates earlier than 2008 I mostly have no transcripts, only the sound file. and Dispatched (Life, death, and longevity) — Miscellany: Negrolatry's next advance?

— Weapons of mass migration — Miscellany: Political hero of the week; Why do poor Californians do so well in college?

; The last Miss Bum Bum pageant — Signoff: Country classic Intro: American Renaissance conference fortress — Where are the grownups?

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