Consolidating local government services

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On the other hand, these economies of scale tend to end on reaching an optimal level of service delivery scale.Consolidation and its relation, annexation, are tools that many countries have used to illustrate in general that benefits exists when units are small - and are then reduced when those involved constitute large urban units.It was the first ‘modern’ style city-county consolidation, pioneering the two major innovations of the differential tax and service districts and the option for existing suburban cities to remain autonomous within the county.As a result, Baton Rouge was the first example that allowed for a federated framework to this degree.Louis plan would have created a one-unit federated framework of the order implemented in the following century in Canada.In this sense, it took a leading step in a direction that later was substantively followed by others.In the United States, consolidation is not a new tool used by cities.

However, as the author Ester Fuchs noted in her work entitled Mayors and Money – which compares New York and Chicago - consolidated and federated regions fare better relative to the norm when fiscal conditions are adverse.A study undertaken by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute in the context of possible options for Milwaukee noted in its Miami discussion: "The claim that tax revenues could be redistributed across the county was found to be true." Miami has thus revealed features common to other federated systems implemented in the US (including the largest one, the Twin Cities, Minnesota, system that saw major reductions in inequity in the course of its existence). In this plan, which failed to obtain approval (perhaps because it was so novel a concept for the US - as even the Miami-Dade plan did not allow for the features of this proposed concept) the consolidated region was to have a metropolitan council with two representatives from 22 designated boroughs.Miami’s results in that sense have lived up to the hopes of its proponents, as the main reason Miami sought to be integrated with Dade County was because it was overburdened with the rising costs of its first major immigration wave. Today, Miami is still a major magnet for immigrants, having the highest arrival rate of any region in the US. A very ambitious federated system was proposed for the consolidated plan for St. Each was to have its own smaller councils, identified for the framework. Louis plan borrowed the lower tier representation in upper level feature from Canada’s pioneering federated system (Toronto Metro).However, Baton Rouge and its progeny - of which the latest is Louisville, Kentucky, which is also a region with the largest of a large populace (around 700,000) since Indianapolis - are weighted in favour of the consolidating segment to a degree that exceeds even the current status of the New York City system, where the borough presidents have some role to play in city budgetary dynamics.The reason for this is a lack of any defined representation from specific units, whose constituent interests are thereby diluted under the representational frameworks of Baton Rouge and its progeny.

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