Consolidating data centers

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I saw when I walked into Amazon's Phoenix warehouse was a man riding on a giant tricycle.Behind him, yellow plastic tubs the size of office recycling bins whizzed by on a conveyor belt.SAP’s analytics and real-time health IT platform helps healthcare providers with integrated patient access to information and health data exchange.SAP solutions specialize in enabling information exchange, managing risk and compliance, and personalizing healthcare and patient engagement.READ MORE: VMware, AWS Collaborate on New Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Rackspace Rackspace, soon partnering with Google, specializes in managing the world’s leading clouds, with technical and professional certifications to manage a variety of cloud providers including AWS.One of Rackspace’s premiere features is Openstack—a way for users to manage containerized, virtualized, and bare metal applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds using a single standard set of APIs.The cloud provider hosts applications, and assists users in building a private cloud or integrating Dell’s solutions into their existing infrastructure.

Clear DATA equips healthcare providers with the tools to deal with the large volume of data and analysis involved in population health management, the transition from volume-based care to value-based reimbursement, and the complex regulations setting expectations for coding, reimbursement, PHI protection, and quality of care.

- As health IT infrastructure becomes more advanced, organizations are adopting big data analytics incentives, mobile and Internet of Things (Io T) devices collecting information that needs to be stored.

As Charged with the task of managing more data, they struggle to scale traditional on-premise solutions to meet the demands of structured and unstructured clinical data.

The cloud provider also offers services to care coordination, clinical analytics, remote patient monitoring, and clinical analysis.

READ MORE: AWS Eases Health IT Cloud Server Migration with New Tool Dell EMC Dell EMC Secure Healthcare Cloud offers HIPAA-compliant security and disaster recovery.

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Iron Mountain Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain’s information management solutions specialize in records management, information destruction, and data backup and recovery.

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