Connect ua dating site

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Connect ua dating site

You will receive email notification beginning in February regarding how you will receive your housing assignment.Please note, your official email address as an incoming freshman is your Crimson email, so HRC will communicate with you using this email address. Back to Top To apply for housing, click here and log in, using the user name and password assigned by Undergraduate Admissions.Back to Top The online housing application is available beginning at 12 pm CDT on October 2, 2017.You must submit a complete application, including the housing contract and the 0.00 deposit (.00 non-refundable application fee and 5.00 housing prepayment) in order for Housing and Residential Communities to receive your application and in order for you to be eligible for on campus housing.

This includes a .00 non-refundable application fee and a 5.00 prepayment.Staff who assign students will take into consideration roommate preferences and room style choices, as long as space permits.Back to Top Incoming freshmen who apply for housing by February 1, 2018, will be able to select their own rooms online. Students will be assigned specific dates and times to access room selection, based on their housing application completion date.For example, a student in the Honors College, who wants to live in Honors Housing, will need to select a roommate who is also eligible for Honors Housing.Students who are looking for potential roommates may create a profile in their housing application and make it available for other students to view, and students may search the profiles of other students through the housing application.

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If you do not attend UA and cancel your housing application by May 1, you will receive a refund of $275.00.

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