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Congo dating

For comparison, see article on beliefs of Miami street children.Christianity has a long history in Congo, dating back to 1484, when the Portuguese arrived and convinced the king and entourage of the Kongo people to convert.English is also spoken, especially in the east where eastern and southern African influences have spread in the post-Mobutu era.Among the slangs spoken in Congo, Indubil has been noted since around the 1960s, Mixed marriages between ethnic groups are common, particularly in urban areas where many different groups live side by side.There are 242 languages spoken in the country, with perhaps a similar number of ethnic groups.Broadly speaking, there are four main population groups: The above descriptions are by necessity simplified.

The culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is extremely diverse, reflecting the great diversity and different customs which exist in the country.

These homeless 'witch children' often live in cemeteries and only come out at night, and follow occult practices.

See BBC News article on Kinshasa's street children.

Desire to be loved is not any improbable privilege.

These It is only the need of nature for each of us.

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