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Now before we get started: this example happened while I was still pretty deep in the pick-up scene.

There’re some aspects to how this went down that I’m not not proud of – not the least of which being that I was trying to get someone to cheat on her boyfriend. With that having been said, there persistence can go a long way.

At a certain moment in the novel, the aforementioned adulterer and asshole thinks, "The core of seduction is persistence....

Their insecurity often seems to have a touch of masochism in it, so that they chase women mainly for the challenge of winning them over, only to ditch them as soon as they reach a certain (often sexual) goal, like the man who texted my friend's friend to say he didn't want to see her again after screwing her on Date No. I have to wonder if these men don't actually see themselves as powerless in the world in a way that helps to subconsciously justify their behavior.This is why one of the things I like to do here at Paging Dr.Nerd Love is break down real-life examples of dating and mating to explain what went wrong, what went As always: names and certain details have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.), so they continue to allow the women to believe they are treating them in some special way ... There’s an important rule when it comes to self-improvement, especially when it comes to dating: some things can only be learned from experience.

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Of course, I felt a huge spark with him from the start — and of course he'd been saying from the get-go that because he was much younger than I am, and because he was going to be leaving town in a year, after finishing grad school, he wasn't looking for a serious relationship.