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Completely  kingston ontario dating

By way of comparison the coldest night of the year in 2001 occured on 20th January when lows dipped down to -18C whilst January 4th 1981 is the coldest night on record here. Click here to find out what the weather's doing right now in Toronto. First more than 40cm of snow would fall - one of the worst storms in the city's history - then temperatures would drop to -16C before a quick thaw and 267mm rain falling in 4 days caused substantial roof damage in the city.2000 0,000 damage was caused in the Channel Head area in Newfoundland when a freak wave hit.

2001 Prince Edward Island had it's worst storm in 6 years.

1901 The coldest night of the year in Victoria; lows drop to -4.4C.

By way of comparison the coldest nights of the year in 2001 saw lows here drop to around -2C whilst the record low set on 28th January 1950 is -15.6C.

Small planes were damaged in the wind and the storm caused a 5 storey building being built in Dartmouth, NS to collapse.

1989 In Pelly Bay, NWT an air temperature of -51C and windchill of -91C was recorded and this might have been Canada's lowest ever windchill.

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The same stomr deposited 53cm snow in Saint John, New Brunswick, just 6cm short of their 24 hour snowfall record set in 1960.

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