Comics updating on thursday

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Comics updating on thursday

But if you choose to stay then remember that I will protect every one of you, I'll make sure that you all stay safe, because you are all my teammates, so I must put you all before myself, alright? "Alright, we can continue.""Well, Tazuna-san, you are quite lucky that we're all too stubborn to back down, so, I say that we continue and everyone… There was a , and in front of him, stood a green fox with a bushy tale."Naruto." Was all it said."Aokitsune, please go back to Konoha and inform the Hokage of everything and ask him to send someone out to collect the demon brothers.""Yes." And the green fox was off.Naruto smiled as the five of them carried on with their trip to the Waves Country.After he was done, Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose as he was in deep thought.

However, when Naruto looked over to Sakura, he could see that she wasn't as optimistic as her teammates. I can't force you and neither can anyone else, so if you want to go back then we can. He received one of Naruto's infamous fox-like grins."No problem, anyway, we best get moving." But before Naruto carried on, he did a few hand signs and mumbled 'summoning jutsu', almost to himself.

It was early morning and there was a thick mist which only seemed to get thicker as time went by.

There was an eerie silence about, which was giving Sakura goosebumps."DUCK!

" Naruto shouted as he grabbed Sakura and Tazuna, throwing them down to the ground with himself as a clone which had quickly made did the same with Sasuke and Kiba.

He looked up to find that an eight foot long sword wedged into the tree with a person standing up on top of it. He is classifies as an A-rank nukenin, so leave him to me, understood?!

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Also, this fic is dedicated to none other then 'raziel44', hope you enjoy this chapter, along with everyone else… I'm sure that she'll be thrilled.""Yes Naruto-sensei." Sakura beamed."Whatever…" Kiba growled to himself. " This caught the attention of the whole group."Yes." Kiba replied stubbornly."When I was twelve years old, I was an Anbu."Everyone in the group stopped dead in their tracks, with eyes wide open and jaws down on the ground. So when they came across a pair of puddles in the middle of the path they were walking on, Naruto immediately knew that something was wrong, so he was now more alert then ever, though he made sure not to show it to anyone else, as he didn't want them to worry about it, not until they had to at least.