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Florence is a comparatively small town that can be explored almost entirely on foot. Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and contemporary Florentines are masters of art conservation.

After learning your way around, you can quickly settle into a daily routine of morning coffee and afternoon gelato. In other words, there's a field trip opportunity on every corner.

For delicious food and impressive vintage finds, drop by the bustling Portobello Road Market on a Saturday.

On Sunday, check out Columbia Road Flower Market, where stall owners compete for your attention by calling out the latest deals.

Travel Tip: Not totally confident in your Chinese language skills? Download Pleco, a dictionary app that works offline and can translate handwritten Chinese characters.

In fact, many study abroad students score internships during their semester in Shanghai.

Explore: When you arrive, ride the Maglev, the world's fastest train, from Pudong Airport to the center of Shanghai.

With a population of over 24 million people, Shanghai is the textbook definition of hustle and bustle, but ancient history is never out of view.

In fact, you'll spot plenty of historic buildings sandwiched between skyscrapers.

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Travel Tip: It's tempting to spend most of your time in the areas immediately surrounding Florence's most popular tourist attractions – there's so much to see, after all – but for a more authentic Italian experience and much better food, make sure to explore neighborhoods further afield, like Santo Spirito.

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