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Cj thomason dating

However and unfortunately, I can not say the same thing about the sequel.

Also being Hungarian, it is difficult to write a neutral review, especially a negative one.

LOVEMAKERS is a quirky romantic comedy full of Shakespearean mistaken identities and over the top situations.

I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to sos love and was very excited to see this movie with Top USA actors.Well, whichever way, the 3rd movie could only be better, than this one and hopefully (with a great story line and actors) the director will also find the real himself to create something what's a worthy continuation.Well, better luck (more focus and concentration) next time!I think this movie could have been shot a bit better, with more professional editing and some more exciting scenes.But, as a fan of the SOS Love Franchise I am happy and look forward to the next installment.

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I know it is easy to criticize from outside (not knowing all the circumstances), but, I honestly hope that, if anybody will do a 3rd part of these movies, that person will not even consider to use the same director.