Christian dating arguing

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Christian dating arguing

This has been true from the earliest days of the church.The Apostle Paul, who planted the church in Corinth, wrote what we call 1 Corinthians to the believers there principally because of internal conflict in the church.Tomorrow I’ll suggest a place where we might start when facing the problem of conflict among Christians.Where should we start if we’re seeking God’s guidance for conflict among Christians?The biblical combination of ethics and theology helps to shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

On Monday I’ll offer some exegetical observations about this text.

I wish there wasn’t animosity within churches and denominations. The fact is that Christians often have a hard time getting along with each other.

I wish we who believe in Jesus could experience the unity he commended to us (John -24).

But, far too often, such love is marred by conflict, tension, and outright meanness.

And, far too often, we have not dealt with these problems in a loving way.

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Yet by holding on for dear life to God’s Word I’ve managed to avoid behaviors that would have been both sinful and self-defeating, even if they seemed to be temporarily satisfying. When we’re in the midst of some church battle, we’re tempted to adopt the ways of the world. We can also be tempted to use human schemes to defeat our opponents. So we need the Bible to show us different ways to operate in times of conflict: the ways of peace, the ways of the gospel, the ways of Jesus Christ.

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