Christian alternatives to dating

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Miranda mentioned in a conversation with her that she thought the new man on the block was acting odd at night.

He would come out of his house and circle it for several times and then walk back in.

The controversy behind the uncovered sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is only one example of immoral game content making headlines.

In today’s age of guts, gore, and explicit graphics, many are clambering for a more wholesome approach to video games, and Christian developers are answering the call.

It could win the CBNCyber Seal Award.-Virtual Reality: The Brave New World of Christian Video Games-Read more parenting articles on

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Rather than complaining about what’s out there, many Christian developers have risen to the challenge and are producing Christian games to counter the secular market.

His being blind didnt matter at all to Sheila; for they were saying hello instead of bon voyage. Why didnt she heed her neighbors warning about the man who just moved into the neighborhood two weeks ago?And even those that are rated E for everyone may not really be appropriate for children.” In contrast to their counterparts, Christian games promote Christian values, leaving parents worry-free about questionable content.Ralph Bagley, another Christian developer and CEO of N-Lightning Software, states, “The secular industry is trying to be more shocking...What was once a small niche genre is now a powerhouse in the music industry.Could the same thing happen with Christian video games? Other Christian Video Games Currently Available- Ominous Horizons: A Paladin’s Calling, Catechumen – N’Lightning Software - Victory at Hebron – Brethren Entertainment - Isles of Derek, Nacah – Virtue Games - The Quest, President for a Day – Ethos Games - Xibala, Rev 7 – Rev 7 Christian Games Christian Games Coming Soon- Eternal War: Nightmares – Xruci X - Titus and Timothy – White Knight Games - Left Behind: Eternal Forces – Left Behind Games - Heaven the Game – Genesis Works - Casting the Shadows – Brethren Entertainment - The Axys Chronicles – Rebel Planet Creations- The Rebel Planet: Orion (for Xbox), Rebel Planet Creations Additional resources and articles:-Not Just Fun and Games-For Parents: Video Games - An Overview *** -Rated 'A' for 'Assault': Video Games and Your Kids-Christian Video Game Alternatives-Have a favorite Christian Game?

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We’re taking the land back from Satan.” Current Games Available Include Eternal War: Shadows of Light – Xrucifi X Action packed but without all the guts and gore of other first-person action shooters, this game engages players in the spiritual warfare of Michael the angel as he ventures into the mind of John Coronado to battle the inner demons plaguing him.

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