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“The minor one was always to maintain precautions against child thieves and stone-throwing assaults by local civilians.

Djibouti also hosts military bases for the United States, Japan and France.Beijing has always insisted on describing its first base on the African continent as a “logistic supply station” that would benefit UN peacekeeping missions, counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia’s east coast, and humanitarian relief efforts.Military experts said peacekeeping, anti-piracy, disaster relief and humanitarian aid missions were defined by the PLA as part of its military operations other than war (MOOTW) and it had been using them to expand its overseas influence, with peacekeeping operations being a window to show its growing military might and soft power.On November 30, Chinese peacekeepers serving with the UN in war-torn Mali also conducted a live-fire drill after 15 people were killed and 31 injured in 15 terrorist attacks that month, the reported.It said four African peacekeepers had been killed in two terrorist raids on UN peacekeepers’ barracks.

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Zhou said China had become a regular source of so-called enabling units – the special forces, engineering, transport, communications, and aviation troops that could help make UN peacekeeping operations more professional.