Cheat codes for simgirls dating simulator

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Cheat codes for simgirls dating simulator

Expect to see many updates daily, we wish you all happy holidays and a great new 2018!ipwnchucknorris = 2000HP, 1000$, 50 stat points, and 100 of all items skywithdiamonds=00 isteppedonhistoe = Automaticaly takes you to the final day in Wonderland in which it's the day of the ball. You need to have a 6/6 in the mood meter and can get that score by talking thrice, giving gifts twice, having them give you something back, and at last you can go for a kiss.

When you speak to her, she say she\u0027s not in the mood, and for you to leave her alone.

Then you will have the choice of following her, or not.

If you want the Pure Love or the Hidden Blackspears ending, don\u0027t follow her.

Get your Sim Girl in thirteen days: ---------------------------------- Start with Strength 28, Knowledge 1, and Charm 1.

Click on the textbox below to automatically select all, and right-click to copy your Blocks and Stars 2 code!

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But if not, then do it.\n If you follow her, you\u0027ll meet her at the Pub, wearing some very sexy outfit, and drunk!