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When users load up Chatroulette now, they will find a very basic home page with no guide to help them maneuver around the revised site. For one, if someone doesn't have a Webcam, Chatroulette isn't working.

In fact, the person won't be able to view anything.

Oh yeah, and he managed to also fist himself simultaneously. While I'd love to get my reparations, one girl, Kayla, passed up on hers.

"He was on his knees saying I was a goddess and he'd do anything to please me and he would send me money," she said.

It's just like our parents and teachers tried to tell us: the world wide web is a scary place.

There's a dick hiding around ever corner, just waiting to pop out and scar you for life while you're just trying to shop for lipgloss or whatever. It's like we had no idea that a lifetime of penises awaited us, whether we wanted them or not. And what better place to seek them out than on Chat Roulette, a website literally designed for strangers to show each other their genitals!

), you might have missed out on the mounting pressure around the 8th Amendment referendum taking place tomorrow.

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Chatroulette has opened new channels of communication for web surfers everywhere, giving people the opportunity to meet and interact with total strangers from around the globe at the click of a button.