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There are numerous karaoke places in the area aimed at Japanese customers too but I don’t have much of any information on them.can be found in various areas of the city at night.Some are mainstream but many offer happy endings or full service as a part of the regular program. Short time sessions are sold to locals for as little as 50,000 Rupiah (.25 US) each. All of the adult entertainment complexes I mentioned earlier have their own massage areas. Jalan Hayam Wuruk seems to be popular for this at times.

So you might see a report on a major adult entertainment complex like V2 that says something like “it turns out there is some kind of exotic massage available on the fourth floor.” There’s clearly value in a website with names, addresses and basic descriptions of so many bars but the real gems come in the forms of comments.

is a popular bar with a reputation as an easy place for foreigners to find free pick ups or (if that fails) free-lancers, though lately it seems to attract more freelancers than civilians.

Of course some guys don’t like clubs, bars or picking up women at all.

They figure that shelling out a little cash is all the courting they need.

Lucky for them there are lots of straight ahead pay for play options in Jakarta too. They occupy entire buildings and staff dozens or even hundreds of people.

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What’s more they tend to ask foreigners for premium prices of up to 1,200,000 Rupiah ($103 US) for a romp.