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Chat sex no censured

“Don’t tell anyone your name,” my mother said to me in my early teens.

“I heard about these people in chat rooms on the news.

And if you’ve got a friend with some tech savvy, they can likely come up with far more information than I could on one go. Would you believe me if I told you that it’s not necessarily a bad thing?

And in the name of privacy, people have picked up their virtual boxing gloves and started winding up the good old one-two punch.

Yet it seems that this anger stems from the internet’s greatest fallacy, one the internet itself has long encouraged: the notion that the world wide web is somehow private in the first place.

Prospective employers might check, or they might get someone to friend me and unearth my whole dirty history. Anyone can accidentally forward a very private email to someone you know.

Anyone can enter your name into a search engine and likely find out more about your life than you ever knew was available for public access.

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