Catholicism and dating internet dating for oldies

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Catholicism and dating

Page 37 of Catholic historian Theodore Maynard's says, "Catholicism is overlaid with many pagan incrustations.Catholicism..ready to accept that accusation—and even to make it her boast...A person or group that does not acknowledge a particular religion, most often Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

As a counterfeit, it represents the throne of the Dragon who gives the Beast his seat and great authority.Virtually all symbols of sun worship exist in present-day Roman Catholic cathedrals. Peter’s in Rome has one of the greatest collection of pagan symbols in the world. Peter’s, Bernini’s Canopy, has the symbols of the , sun and moon worship, and male and female forms of sun rays.The altar has Pope Joane (the only female pope in history) depicted in pains of childbirth representing the birth of the sun god. Peter’s Basilica in Rome consists of the largest solar wheel in the world.In the center of the square is an obelisk, a phallic symbol dedicated to the worship of the sun.The Vatican is built on the hill where the temple of Janus the sun god stood. John’s Lateran, which is the church where the Pope is crowned and where he speaks infallibly, is the obelisk of Tutmoses III, which was dedicated to Reharakti, the sun god.

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The great god Pan is not really dead, he is baptized." Pan was the god of the groves and the god of fear (from which we get our word "panic"). He is worshiped either as a beautiful young man who carries the sheep, or as the one with the goat’s feet, depending on which aspect you are looking at. " In the garden of a Roman Catholic Church in southern Germany, a statue of they call "David" carrying the sheep around his neck. This figure is holding a pan flute—an instrument that David never played.