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Carbondatingmovie com

1555 BC (Bietak 19).[1] According to Biblical chronology, on the other hand, the Exodus occurred in 1446 BC (Young 2003), over a century after the expulsion of the Hyksos.Jacobovici overcomes this difficulty by arbitrarily splitting the difference between the two events; he raises the date of the Exodus to 1500 BC and lowers the date of the expulsion to 1500 BC. Even with this nifty slight-of-hand, there is not a good correlation between the stela and the Biblical plagues.Some of Jacobovici’s points are old hat, having been proposed before, while others are indeed new.But, alas, the presentation suffers from the same fate as other similar “documentaries”—dates are revised willy-nilly to make everything neatly come together to explain the events of the Exodus.Jacobovici contends that Joseph’s royal seal was discovered at Tell el-Daba, the site of the ancient Hyksos capital Avaris.This is also the location of Rameses, the place where the Israelites settled (Gn ) and where they departed from (Ex ).Previously it had been broadcast on the Discovery Channel in Canada in April and was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival in July.

The information is conveniently organized by “Exhibits.” Let us examine the Exhibits one-by-one to check their credibility. It was under the leadership of Ahmose that the Egyptians drove out the hated foreign Hyksos who had infiltrated Egypt’s eastern Nile delta.In addition, the third problem with Jacobovici's thesis is that Ahmose drove the Hyksos out of their capital Avaris by force of arms, whereas the Israelites left peacefully when Pharaoh ordered them out to avoid further calamities. Jacobovici wishes to connect a Semite caravan depicted in a Middle Kingdom tomb at Beni Hasan in Middle Egypt with the migration of Jacob and his family to Egypt.At this point in the narration, he states “we know from the Bible that the Israelites arrived in Egypt some 200 years before their Exodus.” This is incorrect.1890 BC (Wilson 1969: 229), 190 years before Jacobovici’s entry date of 1700 BC.Setting the chronological aside, the association is not a good one.

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