Carbon dating proven wrong new york city singles dating

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Carbon dating proven wrong

They refuse to put a glossy coat on a problem but to instead combat it with simple unembelished truth, its not pretty and not everyone likes it but it works.

And kids do see these Oneric and that is the point.

While these ads are very effective on certian people, the same people who would actually think about these ads and be changed by them are the people too smart to do such f*cked up sh*t well, maybe a small group of people fall in the middle and it would help them. The woman with the man on top of her actually disturbed me the most, probably because it’s so obvious what’s going on and she has such a vacant look in her eyes. I’ve never done meth and I’ve never been close to anyone who has.

i know i’m twisted, but i was only inspired by these disturbing ads. Contrary to what others say, weed isn’t a “gateway drug” sure it lets you have the opportunity to try harder drugs, but if you didn’t want to in the first place then you won’t at all, at least if you’re sober and didn’t do weed from peer pressure, that’s another thing, never ever try new drugs or say you’re going to try new drugs when you’re not sober, just tell yourself if you really want to do it that you’ll tell them you want to when you sober up and can think clearly. ” message and some people may be angry for my lack of hostility to smoking weed (but “DON’T DO DRUGS OF ANY KIND!

brilliant yes, but I wouldn’t put it past them to leave an underlying message that the little sister sucked off her brother before and after he turned her into a meth addict. ” is just like sex-ed only teaching kids abstinence, a lot of them are still going to have sex(like myself) and it’d be better to teach them safer sex practices(which I took the time to learn myself, which is why my girlfriend isn’t pregnant) why do you think teenage pregnancy is so high?

seriously, who wants to believe that there is no help for addicts? People should have the right to do whatever drug they want. People wouldn’t have to resort to extreme measures to supply their habits. I have a very close friend who had a crack habit that wasn’t bad until a year or two into it.

Those ads are pretty ridiculous obviously those people have been using meth for a pretty long time. The money spent currently on enforcement could be spent on rehab for people who can’t handle drugs. He tried it once or twice a few years before he started doing it regularly, and after a year of doing it regularly he started robbing everyone, even had sex with transsexuals to steal it from them, became violent and hurt others, dropped about 60lbs and looked disgusting.

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