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Antique ivory is defined as pre-1947, meaning the elephant the ivory came from was killed before 1947 and that any carving or working to the item took place before this date as well.

IFAW would like to see the domestic ivory market closed for all solid ivory items, including those currently deemed ‘antique’.

You can also report it to us, and we can help you pass the information on to the relevant authorities.

We are seeking to stop the sale of ivory in order to address the problems demand for items cause.As a result of these identification difficulties, modern ivory is stained and artificially aged by unscrupulous dealers so it can be sold as ‘antique’.Furthermore, ivory sold as antique is sent to other countries where it feeds a general desire for ivory which increases the market for those selling illegal poached modern ivory.Regardless of the legal situation, if you care about elephants, please never buy ivory when you’re travelling abroad.Telling the difference between ivory and plastic can be hard.

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We would consider a small number of exemptions for items such as musical instruments and museum pieces where the age can be properly verified.