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Carbon dating animation

As they do, they will become a net source of additional climate-altering carbon to the atmosphere.

The transition will peak in the relatively short span of 40 to 60 years.

km) — an area about three quarters as large as the United States — is projected to become a long-term source of carbon to the atmosphere.

That projection takes into account increased plant growth.

Between now and 2300, the total emitted carbon will amount to 120 billion metric tons.

That’s because warmer temperatures there are projected to cause more growth of shrubs and trees.Carbon being liberated from melting permafrost is one those changes — but it’s not the only one.A warming climate also tends to stimulate growth of shrubs, trees and other vegetation, as well as their spread northward into areas of tundra.“Then the permafrost emissions offset the carbon uptake by this vegetation,” Parazoo says.While not trivial, the total emissions projected to come from permafrost by 2300 don’t really compete with fossil fuel burning. “We will still have an extra source of carbon to deal with,” Parazoo says.

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The simulations showed that widespread and essentially permanent thawing of permafrost will occur across most of the northern high latitudes by the year 2300.