Carbon 14 dating of papyrus fragments green bay dating service

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Carbon 14 dating of papyrus fragments

Amen-Re) found her as she slept in the beauty of her palace.

Red ochre was ground and mixed with water, and applied to the lips and cheeks, painted on with a brush.

Philippe Walter and researchers from the Laboratoire de recherche des musées de France and L’Oréal-Recherche found, when analysing the contents of 49 containers from the Louvre Museum, that the cosmetics contained, in addition to commonly used lead-based minerals , synthetic compounds derived from a process called wet chemistry: Crushed lead oxide was mixed with water and sodium chloride (rock salt), then filtered repeatedly, a procedure which may have taken weeks to complete.

The resulting lead chloride was used as an ingredient for eye make-up.

At Saqqara fragments of a salve chest with thirty compartments for unguents and oil jars were uncovered.

The jars were first made of granite and basalt, later of alabaster and had a pronounced lip.

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