Canadian dating customs

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Other European groups include Italians, Germans and Ukrainians (especially in the prairie states).Broadly speaking, Canada has been divided into two distinct societies, one French-speaking (see "Quebec" below) and one English-speaking.I dont want to stereotype Canadian men, also I dont know if my view is right or not. For some reason, people from other countries have ideas about what Canadians are like. I'd love to go there someday - I heard it's a very beautiful place, but I don't like go alone - I'll visit the place with my friends or other people I love.From my travels, once you get past silly cultural differences, humans are all the same. In atlantic Canada, the bad people still bash seals in the head. Eighty percent of the residents in Quebec have French ancestry.Eighty percent of native French speakers live in Quebec (the others are mostly in New Brunswick, and parts of Ontario and Manitoba).A Canadian man will not take easily to being classified annd react harshly to the bed-warmer reference that I just made.They will probably not get physically violent with me, but, will withhold feet warming priviledges untill I learn a Valueable Life Lesson concerning generalizing people and their qualities.

I recommend that you look around as the Rev suggested and find a Canadian man to devote your entire life to. I have always found my male friends, trustworthy, loyal and a wealth of knowledge that you mine and use for a rainy day : P And more than once they have been there for me when I needed it. I always end up almost falling in the toilet in the middle of night, why???? worse when I go turn the bathtub on in the morning, well I am not happy to be blasted by a shower. you would think by now they know what I like..but they don't really listen do they : P But we did end up rolling around on the floor laughing our heads off, we actually thought we might get sick from laughing so hard..were watching kink...which always cracks us up uncontrollably....hehehehehhehehehe through gasping breath one manages to I cannot believe it....hahahahahhaahahaha Thank you peapod for saying my written English is good.It gets less scary with each episode and it is an entertaining pastime to see their antics.Even though they seek peacefull answers for todays problems, you might not be able to tell that they are taking that path.Canadian men are usually loving and caring partners and try very hard to keep their families safe and happy. You meet women you like, and you meet men you like. I have alot of male friends, I always have, some go back 20 years.Beer may be the only thing that would hinder this goal. You must have an entire line for beer in any budget you are trying to follow. We are equal in every way, so gender does not really have anything to do with it.

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Even though they have developed a highly evolved vocabulary of off-colour words for Pedestrians and greedy drivers.