Can you go from friends to dating

Posted by / 09-Jun-2020 00:28

This allows men and women a better opportunity to be “just friends,” and it’s much more common now.

Although society may approve, the media doesn’t necessarily agree.

Some guys can talk but it doesn’t mean you need to fall head over heels for them.

Because then you gave your heart away way too fast and you’re open to be hurt very easily.

But sadly, many people want to feel that rush of emotion that makes them feel like they are in love. The truth is that the best dating relationships develop out of great friendships.Unfortunately, a platonic relationship between a man and a woman wouldn’t be as interesting as if those people hungrily fell into each other’s open arms.It probably wouldn’t be as exciting to watch a man and a woman meet at the gym to work out together, grab a bite to eat and then return home as it would be to watch them have a shocking affair or fall in love.However, if you’re in a platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex and you feel perfectly comfortable in it, then for you, the answer to the question is a yes.As long as the boundaries are respected and feelings are considered, you may go on forever as “just friends.” No one can place friendship in a neat little container with a perfectly descriptive label!

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So they push hard and quickly to feel that overwhelming emotion that says, I am in love. Riah describes how rushing into a relationship has a lot of disadvantages: “First, if you go too far you could get hurt mentally because of a bad break-up, and physically you could get an STD or something.

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