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To me, lipstick doesn't have a size,' the 30-year-old said Justin was sure to support his love at the launch where he looked dapper in a black velvet jacket with dark duds beneath.

Ashley and Justin tied the knot in 2010 have clearly been going from strength to strength since then.

The model, 30, was attending the campaign launch of Revlon's Live Boldly in New York City, where she got inked by the famous tattoo artist, Jon Boy.

Ashley was a complete pro while getting the tattoo, neither flinching nor saying anything in the clip that showed Jon Boy inking her neck.

The argument for doing it in the middle of the day is that many people will be at lunch and comings and goings aren’t unusual then.

And just to complete this list, we can throw in days of the week too: The argument for doing it on Friday is that the person will have the whole weekend to process the news; this is actually thought to reduce the risk of workplace violence (such as an incident where the person angrily returns the following day).

Miss Graham made makeup history when she was announced as Revlon's first plus-size ambassador of the modern era.

The 44-year-old former Victoria's Secret Angel had sat out the precious cycle with hosting duties being handled by singer Rita Ora.

However I personally think that it could cause more commotion because everyone is arriving in the morning, saying hi, making coffee, etc., and the poor employee has to pack up and leave with everyone staring.

You’ll find arguments for any day of the week and any time of day you can think of.

However, several of my coworkers were upset about the way it was handled, and said that it should have happened at the beginning of the day.

I can see their side; maybe it’s better to do it first thing in the morning and get it over with.

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Suddenly—just like the movies—the chapel doors burst open.