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There were six grades, in total, with the higher grades including gold inlay and elaborate wood carving. patents had been granted in 1913 (1,065,341/1913 & 1,065,342/1913) and in 1914 (1,083,384/1914), with FN obtaining manufacturing rights for Europe and for most of the rest of the world in 1914, production commencing in the same year, only to cease almost immediately for the duration of the First World War. S., Remington had obtained the manufacturing rights and, from 1922, marketed it as the Model 24 – initially in .22” Short only - until 1935 when it was replaced by the longer barrelled – 23.5 inch - Model 241 Speed-master.

In earlier Belgian examples, engraving was hand cut, whereas work on Japanese rifles was machine initiated, including use of laser cutting, with finishing by hand. Factory made leather cases were also available to store, display and carry the taken down rifle. As with the later FN versions, both Model 24 and 241s had the side opening loading port.

The firing mechanism can be removed from the receiver with no need for tools.That said, the numbering system appears to be straightforward, digit only and sequential.With the importing of rifles to the US, the serial numbering system was changed to a combination of letters and numbers.Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the occasional hot spent case from going down the shooter’s sleeve.(I speak from experience.) However, the downward ejection makes it suitable for either right or left handed shooters.‘Taking down’ the rifle is relatively straightforward.

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In 1976, production resumed but now in Japan by Miroku.