Brother and sister dating each other statistics on length of dating before engagement

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He saw his sister sitting on a wooden bench enjoying a Frappuccino while she waited.

Her mid-length tawny brown hair was up in a cute ponytail.

As Maddox stepped off the puddle hopper into that warm July sunshine and donned his brand new pair of shades (a graduation present from the very same sister he was now visiting), he just couldn't wait to begin his vacation.

Maddox had grinded his way through those last four months of school and college applications, and he felt that he deserved to finally let loose.

He was wearing a comfy pair of blue Chino's and an old gray t-shirt that hugged his impressive arms. " Maddie said when they'd finally stopped spinning and she was standing there in his arms.

She brought her hands up to play with his sandy brown hair as she ruffled his thick locks. Maddox had something alternative to his chisel, even if she had trouble defining exactly what that was. And Maddox definitely didn't miss the fact that Maddie had only continued to "develop" in the time since she'd been out of high school.

He'd be brilliant someday—right now it was still all mixed together with a boyish happy-go-luckiness. Maddie was surprised at just how much her brother had filled out.

He was an all-state swimmer during high school, that much was true, but senior year had appeared to add some height and muscle mass to that gangly mess of limbs that had helped him cut through water so fast.

They informed him that, if he wanted to take a vacation that summer before college, it would have to be out to Southern California where his sister currently lived to stay with her.Even though she was three years older than Maddox, he had at least six inches of height on her.She had gotten her mother's curves and cute girl looks and perfectly buttoned nose, while Maddox had received his father's height and even the first bumbling understandings of his sophistication.When Maddox texted Maddie to let her know that he'd be coming to spend a week with her during his summer vacation, she was absolutely thrilled.Maddie loved her little brother and she didn't mind sharing her apartment for a week so he could have a vacation away from the parental units watchful eyes—she certainly understood the need to get away—it's why she had chosen a college on the other side of the country.

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She was wearing a pair of small jean shorts and a dark green Abercrombie summer blouse with Rainbow sandals.